Surfzup new logo/ “WordPress” blog launch/ “Flickr” customer examples page starts/ “Deviantart” design portfolio created

Press  release!!!

Big news is that I’ve launched and modified a large amount of things from my own logo, the blog itself, to some new sites which will be showcasing my portfolio.

Why you might ask? Well I’ve been building my own website and had to get a new blog design to fit in with the new upcoming website. This is all mainly to showcase my portfolio to potential employers or to potential customers, so apologies if this read doesn’t fit into your  interests but if you know of anyone needing a website, a logo or something then just point them in my direction.

As you can see on this page that I’ve launched a new blog through the now popular WordPress platform. As you scroll right down to the bottom of this page, you will find a number of links of mine on the left hand side, from my photography portfolio on Photobucket ( to customer made examples on Flickr. On Flickr its a good example of types fonts and designs I can do – just ignore the colours and I do whatever the requirement is – see here at .

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve redesigned the Surfzup logo itself to a more attractive feel of which I’m very proud of. You can see on my DeaviantART page at with the old logo at  to the very new logo at

I’ve posted a new showcase of various patterns and textures to add to my portfolio (of which can be used a web page background) but its mainly to show various patterns/ textures, brushes, gradients and effects. See the latest showcase here at

I will be adding new and different patterns and textures on a regular basis so please come back to see more.

New website is about halfway done, so watch this space. Subscribe to the link at the bottom of this page to receive email alerts.

Thanks for the support. Enjoy some free wallpapers