Surfzup Portfolio and New Surf Pics

Hi there,

Its been a busy year so far and we are growing nicely. Take a look at our portfolio of projects so far –

In surf news the latest two comps at Pipeline by the ASP and IBA have been beyond words. Take a look at these amazing pics – and

We have some of our own surf photos taken recently and uploaded to

Take a look at our new website too if you havent seen it yet –

Thanks for the support!


Surfzup New Website and Designs

Hi there,

Lots of news! We are kicking off the year with a bang, so watch this space.

First here are your 2011 champions designed by us!


Great news is that we have given our website and this blog a totally new fresh design and look. To show you what designs we can produce take a look at

We also have some new business card samples to show you at and some of our new 3D logo samples at

Help us spread the word and if you need a design done then give us a shout.

Have a great new year and thanks for all your support.


Surfzup “Twitter” site launch/ Pattern & Texture series begins

Hello all,

Surfzup`s own Twitter site now created and available to follow on

To celebrate the beginning, here is the first of a series of textures I will be showcasing on a regular basis.

It`s mainly images that can be used as a webpage background or any required project.

This is part of my portfolio and an advertising tool to draw attention to Surfzup`s available services.

The series begins with beach sand as the medium.

View the rest of my current portfolio page on DeviantArt at

Thanks for the support.


Surfzup new logo/ “WordPress” blog launch/ “Flickr” customer examples page starts/ “Deviantart” design portfolio created

Press  release!!!

Big news is that I’ve launched and modified a large amount of things from my own logo, the blog itself, to some new sites which will be showcasing my portfolio.

Why you might ask? Well I’ve been building my own website and had to get a new blog design to fit in with the new upcoming website. This is all mainly to showcase my portfolio to potential employers or to potential customers, so apologies if this read doesn’t fit into your  interests but if you know of anyone needing a website, a logo or something then just point them in my direction.

As you can see on this page that I’ve launched a new blog through the now popular WordPress platform. As you scroll right down to the bottom of this page, you will find a number of links of mine on the left hand side, from my photography portfolio on Photobucket ( to customer made examples on Flickr. On Flickr its a good example of types fonts and designs I can do – just ignore the colours and I do whatever the requirement is – see here at .

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve redesigned the Surfzup logo itself to a more attractive feel of which I’m very proud of. You can see on my DeaviantART page at with the old logo at  to the very new logo at

I’ve posted a new showcase of various patterns and textures to add to my portfolio (of which can be used a web page background) but its mainly to show various patterns/ textures, brushes, gradients and effects. See the latest showcase here at

I will be adding new and different patterns and textures on a regular basis so please come back to see more.

New website is about halfway done, so watch this space. Subscribe to the link at the bottom of this page to receive email alerts.

Thanks for the support. Enjoy some free wallpapers


Surfzup Photography Portfolio on “Photobucket” created

Hello all! Hope everyone is well!

Check it out! I`ve been busy and finally completed my photography portfolio with all my own pics over the last few years and uploaded it onto Photobucket. Theres alot to go through but worth going through the lot.

The link is

Theres 3 albulms with a mixture of landscape, portrait & architecture. They are grouped into Beach, River & City as follows:

Hope you enjoy & if you need a print in the future to put up onto that special wall, then I will be able to give you a price alot better than any shop.

If you know a friend who is in the photography business and can get me into the industry, then please let me know.

Happy to do any photo`s for you in the future aswell.

Keep well