Digital Wave?

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What a year 2102 was! Surfing just hit a different level in all the comps. Next time Kelly 12!

Heres Joel Parkinson, the 2012 ASP World Champion designed by us!

Joel Parkinson 2012 Surfing World Champ

Heres Jeff Hubbard, the 2012 IBA World Champion designed by us!

Jeff Hubbard 2012 Bodyboard World Champ

Big news is Surfzup wil become Digital Wave so continue to follow us at

Thanks for all the support

Surfzup Portfolio and New Surf Pics

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Its been a busy year so far and we are growing nicely. Take a look at our portfolio of projects so far –

In surf news the latest two comps at Pipeline by the ASP and IBA have been beyond words. Take a look at these amazing pics – and

We have some of our own surf photos taken recently and uploaded to

Take a look at our new website too if you havent seen it yet –

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Surfzup New Website and Designs

Hi there,

Lots of news! We are kicking off the year with a bang, so watch this space.

First here are your 2011 champions designed by us!


Great news is that we have given our website and this blog a totally new fresh design and look. To show you what designs we can produce take a look at

We also have some new business card samples to show you at and some of our new 3D logo samples at

Help us spread the word and if you need a design done then give us a shout.

Have a great new year and thanks for all your support.


Surfzup Hits 6 Months

Hi there,

Good news is that is now 6 months old and has hit an incredible 80 000 hits! Thank you!

To celebrate I have released 2 new wallpapers of a recent experiment to download at Deviantart – and

Since the last blog I’ve also uploaded 2 of our own Adobe After Effect Videos Intros which advertises all of our services. This is the full version and this the shorter version –

If you like what you see, then please follow and like us on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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